Monday, March 2, 2009

RE: Reading Lolita in Tehran in ATX

I've already read Lolita and I've already read the Lolita section of Reading Lolita in Tehran. I think Nafisi's perspective on the story are really interesting. She has a lot of significant thoughts about the text that I didn't really think of. Her life also has interesting parallels with the story and not in all the ways I would have first thought of. I like the connections she makes with her society and with Lolita; how they are similar in the way that they are being controlled and everything. I think this is a time when connecting with a book isn't a bad thing.
On a sort of different topic, I don't agree with Rachael when she said that "We as a society are becoming entirely too sensitive". I think it's really the opposite. We've become accustomed to things and words and ideas that are used everyday, all the time. Like yelling 'slut' out a car window at a modestly dressed girl. I don't think you can say we've become too sensitive, when we hear things everyday and get used to them. The title of Rachael's blog didn't really shock me, especially in the context of this class. We haven't become too sensitive. Tehran has become too sensitive as is seen in Nafisi's book. I don't really know how to put all this in words (hence my confusing sentiments), so don't worry about it.
And I like how Brandi connected the story of Nafisi's class and our own. I also feel like it is similar. We don't always agree like the women in Tehran and we have our own opinions and by sharing them we learn about eachother and about ourselves.

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