Monday, May 4, 2009

what will stick with me

I think that Lolita, Reading Lolita in Tehran, and attending Dr. Nafisi's lecture will really stick with me for a while. Especially the day that we took a field trip outside to discuss Reading Lolita in Tehran; that felt really significant, realizing that we have the ability to live our lives how we want to at least in comparison to people and especially women in Iran. We have so much freedom that we take for granted. Reading Lolita in Tehran and Dr. Nafisi's lecture was kind of eye opening.

I feel like the Wire will also stick with me for a while. It was a really well made television show with some deep insight into how we function as a society. It goes with one of the themes of this class that not everyone is 100% good or 100% bad, which I think is kind of an important realization about life. The David Simon interview we read, and the one on PBS also really gets this point across. It was also really interesting to see how the inspiration of Greek tragedy went into making this show.

Watching this show and the movies and listening to music we have, made me realize that literature is a much broader concept than I originally thought. And that many things can be close read and analyzed, and have more meaning than what's on the surface. I've learned to 'fondle the deatails' in this class.

The Learning Record was kind of eye opening to me. I think I'll always remember what I learned about how I am and how I learn. I've learned to close read and analyze myself in a way that I have never done before, and now I think it's kind of an important thing to do.

And honestly pretty much the only thing that will not stick with me (it's pretty much already gone) is Literary Theory. The only thing about Literary Theory that will stick with me is how much I hate it... Sorry, but it's true.

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