Monday, May 4, 2009

If I had Wit it would be used in this Title.

If all goes as planned, then I will have my own production company or be known as one of the most innovative Foley artist/Sound Mixers to come out of this century. But of course I could never hope to have these credits to my name if not for the things I learned in school. 

There are things I will remember simply because they are so entrenched in our culture. Now having experienced them in this class, I'm sure I will associate them in some way back to my sophomore year ( a very historically active year too). Dylan, N.W.A., Nabokov, Lynch, Nafisi, The Wire...all I will know and remember. But what specifically will tie them to this class in my mind's filing system?

1) Anytime I'll hear "The Cheese stands alone" I'll envision Omar. Which will probably link my mind to everyone loving him. 

2) ReReading will forever haunt me. It will serve a good purpose, but at times I may curse my even knowing the idea exists. 

3) As a film student, all I heard in media studies classes was PoMo (Post-Modern). Post-Structuralism is the equivalent for literary theory. Even past 15 years, anything with Post- will conjure up memories of college.

4) Then there's Lolita. Good ol' Hum. Good ol' Lo. I don't think I'll be able to forget the class that really introduced me to Nabokov. 

Of course this is just me speculating about what I'll remember. But I have a suspicion that no matter how much I guess what I'll remember, 15 years from now while cutting carrots in the kitchen I'll suddenly remember Krzys' hat and writing to music played via YouTube; how we all talked about twitter and made references to twitter thru tweets; how ridiculous we found others for banning books; nice 8am jaunts to class; finding the neat little courtyard to red and discuss Nafisi; Reader Response vs. New Criticism vs. Structuralism; and Clint trying to remember everyone's name. 

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