Monday, May 4, 2009

In 15 years...

Like many others, I have no idea where I will be in 15 years. But I do know that there are many things that we have discussed in this class that I think I will remember in the future.

Firstly, I think I will remember the unique writing style of ee cummings and the class' bewilderment on his poety. As an English major, I think I might study more of his poetry and I will remember this class as the start of it.

I think reading and learning about Lolita will remain with me throughout the years. First I will remember the first thing I read by Nabokov, which was "Good readers, Good Writers." I think I will always remember Nabokov's insight into what a good rader is, because some of his ideas I didn't agree with at first. Like putting yourself in the shoes of the protagonist is something a bad reader does, when I think that some books are made for you to identify with the main character. They may not be the greatest of literature, but literature still. And oh, how I will remember Humbert. His articulate, playful word flow. His story. Most of all that he was a pedofile/rapist.

I think I will also remember The Wire, because I think it most surprised me. My expectations were that it was going to be just a normal cop show, but it is so much more than that. Its themes, structure and langauge make it unlike any television show that I have seen yet.

Another topic that I KNOW will stick with me is Blue Velvet. The movie came to grow I me I think, but at first I was so weirded out by it, and the fact that we were studying it in this class. Now I can't go anywhere without seeing references to the cult classic. I was watching 30 Rock and Isabella Rossellini was on it, thought of Blue Velvet. She was on a really good episode of friends, and now I can't watch Cassablanca without thinking about BV. (she is Ingrid Bergman's Daughter) Not to mention the othe rnumorous movies the famous co-stars are in, and how different BV is from any of them.

I think there is still so much more I will take away from this class, but I can't know it yet. But I will when I get there in 15 years.

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