Monday, May 4, 2009

Lolita, forever.

In 15 years from now, I can’t even imagine how my life will be. Probably hectic, because I seem to like to keep it that way. All I know is that I will be out of school and happy with myself and whoever else is in my life. Although I doubt I’ll think about our English class every day, I know I won’t ever completely forget it. I feel like I’ve learned so much more than any other “normal” English class could or has ever tried to teach me. And it wasn’t based all on the main principles of English, it all- or most of it, could relate to real life.
The main thing that will more than likely stick with me is Lolita. I have never read a book anywhere near as horrifying or beautiful as this, and definitely not with the same combination. Nabokov showed me that language can turn anything into what you want. He made me believe that what he thought/did was okay, or made me think it was okay to think it was okay. Sorry if that was hard to follow, but you get what I mean. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine an author forcing me to think the way I thought. It was like he controlled what we liked and if we didn’t let ourselves be completely absorbed by his words, then we would miss the whole point. I’ve always had my own opinions about works of literature, but I felt like even if I did have bad opinions of the story of Lolita, there was no way I could ever criticize the language used. I know many of you had read Lolita before, but I had never even heard of it. I am still amazed how Nabokov controls the reader, it’s like we are his puppets and he just gets to kick back and watch how we react to his plans. Genius.
Nabokov and Lolita have shown me to always expect the unexpected. Although not everything will be that way, you never know when something will be the complete opposite of what you think. I feel that if I keep that mind set, I will be more open minded to the world around me.

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